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🌳Restoring #EUForests
🏙️Greening urban areas
💚Supporting the #3BillionTrees pledge

These are some of the commitments from our #LIFEProjects #ForOurPlanet.

Read our 🆕 article & learn more:!RgxTF3

Today we held the 1st meeting of our Expert Advisory Council, in which we discussed the interpretation of the current definition of the habitat and all its possible variants.
Sharing and generating knowledge for the conservation of mountain pine forests on limestone.


Avui ens hem reunit amb l'ajuntament del @BaixPallars, l'#EMDTornafort i l'ajuntament de #Soriguera per tal de cercar acords i sinèrgies per a desenvolupar les accions per a la conservació i millora dels boscos de pi negre en calcari dels seus municipis.
Gràcies per rebre'ns!


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